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High-Quality Dental Care

The main focus of Innovative Dental Health and Wellness is providing the dental care you need to maintain your healthy, happy smile. In addition to routine preventive services such as cleanings and exams, we offer several other services and amenities to make your experience with us pleasant and efficient. Our wellness offerings are complements to your oral health, providing a whole-person health experience.

General Dentistry

Same-Day Crowns

Dr. Giangreco was the first dentist to offer single-visit crowns and is currently the only nationally certified CEREC® CAD/CAM instructor in Webster and the entire Rochester, NY, area. Using CEREC® CAD/CAM technology, we avoid messy molds, temporary crowns, and time spent waiting for a lab to create your crown. Using an intraoral camera with CEREC software, we obtain a 3D image that’s used to create the crown. This technology also allows us to mill your crown in the office and place it on the day of your visit.

In-House Implants

Dental implants are the most natural and functional option to replace missing teeth. Dr. Giangreco places implants, provides aftercare, and creates crowns. It’s no longer necessary to see a specialist for implant placement. We can do it all in our office!

Family Dentistry

We offer dental treatments for the entire family. We understand the dental needs of our patients regardless of age. With pediatric dentistry, we go to great lengths to ensure our younger patients feel safe and comfortable, while advising them on the best dental practices. For our senior patients, we help keep their smile beautiful and functional. We look forward to being your family dentist for generations to come!

General Dentistry at Innovative Dental in Webster, NY

Single-Visit Root Canals

You may have heard that root canals require multiple follow-up visits to the dentist after the treatment. We have the technology, experience, and technique to reduce your root canal experience to a single visit. Save time, energy, and treatment costs by making your appointment today!

Advanced Oral Cancer Screening

The ViziLite® Plus gives our dentists an advantage when it comes to examining patients for oral cancer. The ViziLite Plus uses fluorescent light to reveal any changes in the lining of your throat and mouth, allowing us to see any issues in the beginning stages. Early detection can make a huge difference.

Wellness Services at Innovative Dental in Webster, NY


Treating the whole person is our ultimate goal. With that in mind, we have added a plethora of services to help you feel and look better.

Be Your Best Self

We want to help you reach optimal wellness and self-esteem. Within the Innovative Dental Health and Wellness campus, providers of various services are available to assist you in reaching your goals.  Our chiropractor will assist you with any aches and pains as well as overall wellness and nutrition counseling. We now offer Mental Health Counseling.

We care for more than your teeth!

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