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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening

Make your smile stand out for the right reasons with Zoom!® whitening. In less time than your lunch hour, we can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades. Zoom! is non-irritating, fast, and yields results you have to see to believe. We think you’ll be thrilled with the results. Call 585-671-4522 for your best smile.


In some cases, teeth can be too discolored to produce the desired results with teeth whitening. If your teeth are severely stained, misshapen, or misaligned, veneers may help. Using our CEREC technology, we can mill veneers right in the office. These thin, tooth-colored shells are customized for your teeth, guaranteeing a perfect fit. After preparing and adhering them to your teeth, your dentist will cure the materials and shape and polish the veneers for a perfectly natural look. Veneers look great and are resistant to staining!

Cosmetic Dentistry at Innovative Dental in Webster, NY

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A cavity no longer means an ugly filling. If we spot decay that needs treatment, we use composite fillings in colors that match your natural teeth. Nobody will notice your fillings!

Botox at Innovative Dental in Webster, NY

Look and Feel Great

Once you have your great smile and feel amazing with the benefit of our wellness services, take a look in the mirror. Need a little help with wrinkles in your forehead or around your eyes? Perhaps you’d like your lips to be a bit fuller? We can help.

Botox® Cosmetic

Botox® Cosmetic is a prescription medication that can be administered by a trained professional. Injected into the muscles around your frown lines, crow’s feet, or deep forehead wrinkles, Botox will provide visible smoothing within 24-48 hours. Results last up to four months and treatment may be repeated at that time.

JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel

For fast, gorgeous facial sculpting, consider treatment with JUVÉDERM® gel. JUVÉDERM is used to lift and contour cheeks, soften and smooth wrinkles, and add volume to lips. Visible results are immediate and last one to two years. You’ll love the way you look!

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